Placing watch battery

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Watch battery replacement

Whether you are wearing an exclusive brand watch or a simple watch to keep up with the time, when the battery is dead it won’t be doing its work. No worries. At Mio in Amsterdam you are at the right address for your watch battery. In virtually all brands of watches we can replace batteries expertly. Usually you can wait or return after half an hour to pick up the watch. When it comes to a more complicated watch, we ask for a little more time.

Placing a watch battery with care

Like jewellery, watches often have an emotional value. That is why every battery is placed with the utmost care. Only the best batteries are used. Furthermore, it is good to know that your watch, whether it is a simple timepiece or an exclusive one, is stored safely in our safe if it has to stay a little longer. And in case of any theft it is insured.


Placing a watch battery does not have to be expensive. For a standard battery we charge €12. This is also the regular price for brand watches. In certain cases, the costs are slightly higher. But these will never come close to the amounts that are asked by the service centres of famous brands. Is your watch waterproof and you swim with it, then we can also test the watch for water resistance. This takes about one and a half weeks.

Expert and fast watch battery replacement. From €12. Come to Mio