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Watch repairs in Amsterdam

The time that you got a watch when you left school and spent the rest of your life with it, is a thing of the past. Watches have become more and more a fashion accessory. Many people therefore have multiple watches. But you will always see, the watch you are the most attached to stops working. No worries. At Mio in Amsterdam you are at the right place for your watch repair. Repairs are expertly and reliably carried out on all brands. We can carry out simple repairs quickly. When it comes to more complicated repairs, we ask for a little more time.

Placing watch battery

No worries about your watch repair

Like jewellery, watches often have an emotional value. That is why every repair is carried out with the utmost care. And it’s good to know that your watch, whether it is a simple timepiece or a very expensive brand watch, is safely stored in the safe in our shop. And is insured in case of any theft.


Nothing is so annoying than to face high repair costs afterwards. At Mio we tell you what the repair will cost. We love clarity at Mio. You can always visit us for a free quotation.

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