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Jewellery repairs in Amsterdam

For jewellery repairs Mio is the right place. We have everything that is needed to expertly repair your jewellery. A golden chain, a special heirloom or whatever ornament, with us they are in good hands. Our goldsmiths are professional and reliable. Simple repairs can be carried out quickly, within a week. Complex repair work takes more time. Are you looking for a goldsmith in Amsterdam who can take care of your jewellery? Come to Mio.

Jewellery repair

Rest assured when it comes to jewellery repairs

We can imagine that you wish your repair jewellery to be as safe as possible. We appreciate that jewellery can have an important emotional value. The jewellery is therefore always kept in a safe in the shop in Amsterdam. Moreover, all your jewellery in our care are insured against theft.


At Mio in Amsterdam you always know in advance what the jewellery repair will cost. You can always ask for a free quotation for your jewellery repair. Do you have a question about a possible repair of your jewellery? Then contact us. We are happy to help.

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