Fairtrade gold

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Fairtrade gold

Mio is among the first in the Netherlands where you can buy Fairtrade gold. We are proud of that. Whether you are looking for a pair of gold wedding rings, or another special gold jewel, we can create it in Fairtrade gold. We also intend to produce a large part of our other designs in Fairtrade gold.

Fairtrade gold

What is Fairtrade gold?

Fairtrade gold comes from small-scale miners from various countries. It is mined in a less environmentally harmful way. The miners work under safe conditions and receive a fair price. The Solidaridad and Max Havelaar foundations oversee the control of responsible gold mining.

Fair is important

Mio would like to offer even more Fairtrade. If in the future gems and other metals with a quality label become available, you can be sure we will have them on offer. So, our jewellery is not only beautiful, but also fair. Isn’t that great?

More information about Fairtrade gold can be found on the website: Max Havelaar