Mio jewellery

Goldsmith Amsterdam

May we introduce ourselves? We are Myrna Floor and Jeroen Pasteuning. Both trained as a goldsmith at the Vakschool voor Edelsmeden in Amsterdam. Because we wanted to focus on creating our own designs, we did another year of Design Studies in Schoonhoven. After traineeships at a number of well-known goldsmiths, we were given the opportunity to start our own shop in the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam. That was in 2002. Over the years we have turned our hands to everything. From a simple repair, to for example, an extremely complicated necklace. In doing so we have acquired a broad craftmanship, so we can be of service to you whatever your needs.


Your ideas

People come to us with their own idea for a piece of jewellery. Especially when it comes to wedding rings. But also, when, for emotional reasons, they want to change an existing piece of jewellery into something different. It is always a pleasure for us to create a unique piece of jewellery in close cooperation with the customer. If you are looking for a goldsmith in Amsterdam, you are in good hands at Mio.

You will know what it will cost

We like clarity and we also like to see our customers come back. What we don’t like is to confront our customers with unpleasant surprises. So, we always give a quotation. If you are looking for a goldsmith in Amsterdam, you can discuss your wishes with us without any obligations.

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