Re-melting old gold

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Re-melting old gold

Do you own a piece of jewellery with emotional value, but you do not wear it because it does not fit your style. Or do you have a deceased loved one’s wedding ring that you would like to be transformed into something else. Consider having it melted and transformed into something new and special. At Mio sieraden in Amsterdam we love to help you. In our workshop in the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam we are able to make you something personal out of your old jewellery.

Remelt old gold

Our special attention

Melting old gold or transforming a piece of jewellery requires special attention and skills. You can have a new specific piece of jewellery in mind. Or we can look at the possibilities of the existing piece of jewellery. In any case, your wish is our starting point. Whether you are looking for something classic or modern, or like to add symbolic meaning or a special theme, we take everything into account. Unfortunately, not every metal is suitable for re-melting.

Free advice

The goldsmiths at Mio, Myrna Floor and Jeroen Pasteuning, have had experience in transforming jewellery since 2002. Re-melting old gold is regularly done. Do you want to have a piece of jewellery transformed? We will gladly take the time to discuss your ideas, without any obligation. Just step into the shop. Or make an appointment to be sure of our full attention.

Would you like to have a piece of jewellery transformed?