Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds

Synthetic diamonds A sustainable and responsible choice

A synthetic diamond is a real diamond, made in a laboratory. In timeless white, or rare coloured. These diamonds are also known as “lab grown”, and they are a conscious, responsible and contemporary choice.

engagement ring lab grown diamnaond 1 ct

Synthetic diamonds

Synthetic diamonds, also known as “man-made diamonds” or “lab grown diamonds” are real diamonds. However, they have no natural origin. In special laboratories it is possible to create rough diamonds with advanced techniques and under extremely high pressure and temperature. By subsequently cutting them, beautiful stones are created that can be used in jewellery. We like to be as clear as possible about this type of stone. That is why we prefer to call man-made diamonds or lab grown diamonds simply synthetic diamonds.

Why synthetic diamonds?

Are you looking for a synthetic diamond? At Mio sieraden in Amsterdam we can give you all the advice you need. On request we can use synthetic diamonds in our jewellery. Because this market is still relatively new, unknown and not uncontested in the diamond industry, we also work with natural diamonds. In order to avoid ambiguity and ensure transparency, our stocks of diamonds are strictly separated. In addition, we provide a declaration of origin for all synthetic diamonds. All stones from 0.30 carats onwards are even delivered with a certificate from the International Gemological Institute.

Just a small selection of many possibilities

Our partner: Madestone

Although the demand for synthetic diamonds is growing and the market has been developing for some time, one can imagine that within the conservative diamond industry, doubts are being cast on the rise of this type of diamond. That is why it is important to work with a reliable supplier. Thierry Silber, the Antwerp diamond merchant and initiator of the label Madestones, is the right person for us. His company has become the largest supplier of synthetic diamonds

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A synthetic diamond:

  • Has the same properties as a natural diamond
  • Has the same quality as a natural diamond
  • Sparkles just as beautiful as a natural diamond
  • Is a sustainable choice
  • And is more affordable than a natural diamond

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